Craig Telesha - Ghost-Tech Web Author

I have been ghost hunting for a little over 6 years but have had an interest in the paranormal since I was very young. I've always had a passion for electronics and have been studying, dismantling and detroying electrical devices since as long as I can remember. Put these two passions together and you have someone who likes to modify expensive camera equipment to look for ghosts and spirits and render it useless for anything else. :-).

I am lucky enough to live in Pennsylvania which is one of the nations hot spots for paranormal activity and a great place to try out experimental equipment. I created this site for education purposes, as I learn more about the paranormal and create new devices, I will post my thoughts and my adventures here. My main goal is to catch something really cool on film or audio that is unmistakeably a spirit or ghost. To date, I have not had much luck... Guess I am ghost repellent :-)

For now, I will continue to look for places to set up my toys and hopefully experience something paranormal. As I find more information and take more unexplained pictures, I will continue to post them here on my site. Thanks for visiting, Peace out!