Instrumental Transcommunication

Instrumental Transcommunication or ITC for short is gaining popularity among paranormal groups around the world. Hearing intelligable answers to basic questions on audio devices during investigations has been reported since audio devices were created over 100 years ago, but the phenomenon is not limited to audio devices alone. Computers, Televisions and even fax machines have been reported to recieve messages from beyond the grave that suggest it is possible to communicate with our departed loved ones through the use of standard technology.

From a technical aspect, some of the techniques used seem pretty plausible and could possibly yield some hard evidence where as others seem pretty impossible or just plain silly. ITC steps into a grey area when it comes to proving or disproving a paranormal event, even if you are technologically challenge you can still look at a piece of evidence and make some technically based observations that might help dismiss or substantiate a possible communication. Seeing is not always believing with these kind of experiments.

Faxes from the afterlife?

I could not find a specific incident where someone received a fax from a departed loved one, but this is one of those claims that I find totally impossible and a good example of how anyone no matter how technical can look at this with a very skeptical eye. You know a fax machine requires a phone line and another fax machine to receive a fax. These machines also have their own language to talk to each other.... So my question is, how could a spirit possibly "recreate" the fax sounds to cause the machine to print out a picture or write any text...