Franks "Ghost" Box

Contacting spirits through the use of radio frequency devices or so called “boxes” as a medium for direct communication has been a huge topic of discussion lately in the paranormal community. The main device I am talking about is obviously "Franks Box" or "The Ghost Box" as its being called now. This device was created by Frank Sumption several years ago as a means to further his interest in EVP research. Frank began experimenting with EVP in the year 2000 which led to using a computer program called EVP maker invented by the German researcher Stefan Bion. (available for download in the software section)

After receiving various messages from “computer savvy” spirits relaying messages for other spirits who were not so technologically advanced, Frank came up with the idea to create a device that hopefully all spirits could use. His design was apparent to him almost immediately, but the actual construction of the device has led him to create at least 25 different models to date. Each box is unique in design and construction, but is based on the same principle.

Frank’s spirit receiver starts off with a standard white noise generator which is fed through a random voltage circuit of Frank’s own design. The random voltage is linked to an AM radio receiver which reacts to the voltage by tuning to a specific spot on the radio dial. This is known as voltage tuning and is a common function of late 80s and early 90s radio receivers. Though various radio stations are turned in for a split second every so often along with regular static, the devices also allows the spirits to interact with the device and create their own vocals through the receiver and for lack of a better term, talk through the device.

A newer version of the box simply tunes back and fourth through the AM band which Frank is calling the “Sweep” method. At first, he believed that the random voltage design is what allowed it to work but after using the sweep method, he has since changed his mind as it seems to do a better job. Frank has made his plans available on the Internet for anyone who is interested in experimenting with his device. He also makes available his own receiver plans for those who want to take it a step further and create the entire box from start to finish.

Frank has created at least 25 versions of the box to date and handed them to several individuals for ongoing tests. The initial results have been pretty positive and many people have experienced some kind of communication which they would regard as evidence that the box really works. Unfortunately, the difficult part about Frank’s design is his using the AM radio band as the medium for receiving the voices. This is one fact that makes it easy for any skeptic to debunk the operation of his device. For starters, the device will receive little snippets from various radio stations as it scans through the AM band. At any given minute the device could spew some various words from passing stations that could be put together as a sentence and claimed to be from a spirit when in fact its just audio matrixing. Another possible scenario includes a few parts from Radio Shack and a couple of minutes of assembly could yield a small yet powerful enough transmitter to broadcast over the AM band and inject various words and phrases into the box directly. Definite care should be taken when operating the device to ensure the above scenarios are not part of the equation. Using recorders and other tools, such as an EMF detector, can help legitimize the results. EMF detectors should be placed far enough away as not to cause interference with the box or produce false readings on the detector itself.

Does it work?

I built a Ghost Box based on the original plans by Frank using the sweep method and an old car stereo from a 91 Nissan NX which turned into Frank’s bundle of wires by the time I was done. The initial test was done in an old building where a small group of us are working on an ongoing EVP project. Although the device functioned as planned we were unable to receive any substantial evidence in the short amount of time that we were able to execute the test. Further tests will be done over the period of the project to see if we can get the kind of results that have been reported by the use of this box.

Frank has made the plans for his device available on the web in the EVP_ITC Yahoo group which is moderated by Frank. Yahoo EVP_ITC Group

You can also download the plans in PDF format here: Franks Plans