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Ghost-Tech - RT-EVP Review - New ITC Instrument from Paranormal Bill
RT-EVP Review - New ITC Instrument from Paranormal Bill 

Received my RT-EVP device in the mail the other day just in time for an impromptu investigation at the General Sutter Inn which is located in Lititz Pennsylvania. Aside of being a normal digital recorder, this device touts various features which you will not find on most store bought devices.

As a regular recorder, this device performed quite well against my H3 (see other review) for sound quality and clarity covering the entire range of human hearing (20hx to 20khz), its definitely not the twenty nine dollar special from Walmart.

Other features include simultaneous playback and record to hear EVP in real time. Again the device performed quite well. I set the delay to 5 seconds. As people would ask questions, I would hear the questions 5 seconds later through my headphones, though I did not hear any EVPs in real time during our session, the device performed its duties well.

This device also touts a radio sweep option much like a Franks Box but only using the FM band.There is an option to open up the mic at the same time to hear the radio sweep and the mic at the same time. This feature performed quite well during our session.

The sweep option is lacking some of the normal features you might find on a Mini Box or Franks Box. It will allow you to change the rate of the sweep but it will only "sweep" from the bottom of the radio band to the top then it starts at the bottom of the band again not really sweeping as much as it is recycling. Would be nice to be able to sweep (bottom-top-top-bottom) or recycle and also to choose AM or FM.

Though the price tag seems salty ($289), for a quality recorder, you would easily pay over one hundred dollars, most likely closer to two hundred to get some of the features this device offers. Add on a Franks Box or other device for radio ITC and your price tag easily goes over four hundred. For $289 you get all of that in one nice little unit you can put in your pocket.

In short, the device performed up to the expectations touted by the features which is actually quite amazing considering many of the current devices on the marker which are basically fluff and only do a third of what they tout.
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Strange Frquencies is on its way :-) 
Back in September of 2007 I was approached by author Troy Taylor (http://www.prairieghosts.com/) to write a technical guide geared toward the various tools and equipment used for paranormal investigations. Since then I have spent just about every free minute I could spare writing, polishing and editing the text. The manuscript went out in February and I just recieved confirmation that it has been sent to the printers. The title is "Strange Frequencies - A Practical Guide to Paranormal Technology". I should have the first copies in my hands within the next 3 weeks Can't wait!!!

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Running my car partialy on water!! DIY 
Ok, I know this is not a paranormal subject, but I just had to post this for anyone thats interested in getting better gas mileage.... I found a product on ebay a few months ago that promised to increase the gas mileage of a car by at least 25% and maybe even more. At that time the gas prices were quite salty, but so was the price of the product. So I decided to look around online to see if there was a project that I could do myself and save some bucks on it. I finally found a page that explained the entire process so I thought I would give it a shot. Well after I built the thing, it had to go on the back burner for awhile but this weekend I finally got around to installing the thing.

This is a hydrogen booster which basically supplements your gasoline with hydrogen which in turn should give better gas mileage. Does it work? Well I have not given it the official drive yet, but have started the car up and turned the thing on to see what would happen, its definitely doing something by god, but it will be awhile before I can make any claims to gas mileage.

Basically whats going on here is I am using electrolysis to create hydrogen on the fly. The unit above is hooked directly into the air intake of my engine.

Now granted this is my beater car, a 1987 Nissan Pulsar, so I am not trying this on my daily driver. Two things have to happen before it will work properly and I only have 1 done at this point. The unit creates hydrogen from distilled water which as you can see from the first picture is a Collegen water filter with 5 stainless steel plates (which are actually light switch covers) and 12 Volts into the thing. I use lye as the base for the interaction.

The second part which I am working on is to fool the oxygen sensor into thinking that the car is running fine since once this sucker is up and running, the emissions go way down and the car thinks its running to lean and starts dumping more fuel into the cylinders. This is done with a little circuit which hooks to the computer and simulates the oxygen sensor. With that hooked up, and simulating a rich condition, the computer will dump less fuel into the cylinders and whala... better gas mileage.

I know the other question you are thinking at this point... If I can supplement, why not just the run the car from it. Well for starters, it takes a good bit of power to generate hydrogen, if I were to try and run the car completely on hydrogen, it would take more then a small unit like this to create enough to keep up with the demand of the motor while its running, but I might be able to idle the car on just this thing alone, I might give that a try after I get everything set up.

Here is is completely installed, I could actually fit 2, maybe even 3 of these which may be enough to run it solely on hydrogen. But for now I will stick with one and see how it does.

Oh, btw, as far as safety is concerned, it is quite safe, though hydrogen is a bit unstable, the small quantity I am creating is about enough to blow the cap off if for some reason it would get ignited.

For anyone thinking of trying this, you can get the plans from Here

Hopefully I will have something paranormal to add soon, till then. cheers.

Craig T
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